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Hackerrank challenge #1 - Apples and Oranges

Wed Oct 19 2022
In this series I record myself trying to solve a Hackerrank problem.
Light Bulb Idea

Use Meaningful Names in Your Code

Sat Sep 11 2021
We see user created names everywhere in our codebase. It's in our variables, functions, arguments, classes, and folders. We name and name and name. Because we do so much of it, we'd better do it well.

Block-Scoped Functions in JavaScript

Thu Aug 12 2021
Learn how block-scoped functions were treated pre-ES6 JavaScript specification and compare it to how block-scoped functions behave on the ES6 specification.
Light Bulb Idea

Why I Took a “Mobile First” Approach When Building My Personal Website

Sat Jul 03 2021
web design
Explore the benefits of developing websites with the "Mobile First" approach. I share my own experiences that I gained while working on my personal website/blog.

Filtering Unique Values From JavaScript Array Is Easier Than You Think

Tue Jun 29 2021
web development
See how we can use JavaScript Set to filter out unique values from a JavaScript array.

Don’t Make This Mistake With the JavaScript Array Map() Method

Sat Jun 19 2021
web development
The array is a widely used data structure in many programming languages. In this article I will discuss the map method and discuss examples on when not to use it.